We reshape the relationship between health systems and consumers.




With consumers seeking trustworthy solutions from new and different sources, creating a strong bond between patient and healthcare provider is critical.

aha! is a health experience agency built to develop and deepen these connections through empathetic and innovative digital services.

Firmly grounded in the principles of human-centered design, our multidisciplinary team applies years of retail digital engagement experience to the healthcare industry.

We enable providers to be prepared to meet both the inevitable and unexpected with agility, precision, and a human touch.

We make surprises less surprising.


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We obsess over consumer-empathy.

Identify, Connect, and Convert Consumers to Patients

Today's consumer-provider relationship is dizzying in its complexity. The path to becoming a patient is non-linear and fragmented: happening in real-time in an on-demand culture, across a chaotic swirl of experiences. It demands that health systems adapt their digital acquisition and engagement strategies; channel mix; and tactical orchestration with unprecedented agility.

Our belief in the power of the “ugly truth" clears our vision; liberating us to seek uncharted opportunity. We ask our partners to purge their preconceptions about how things ought to be or how they've always been. To place themselves in the consumer’s shoes and experience this journey with fresh eyes.

This approach results in new insights that energizes our teams to explore, prototype, test, and learn. It's ultimately how we activate integrated, connected experiences that convert a shopping-minded consumer into an informed and engaged patient.


Consumer Research and Journey Mapping
Marketing Intelligence and Analytics
Experience Strategy and Rapid Prototyping
Content Strategy and Creation
Media Strategy and Optimization
Innovation Strategy and Technical Development

An experienced team for an ambitious mission.


We’re experienced digital natives whose focus on patient-centricity allows us to support consumer needs with innovative digital experiences and platforms. We’ve been around; with years both working in the digital trenches and leading multidisciplinary teams on some of the world’s largest healthcare brands. We are also a part of the Abundant Venture Partners (AVP) family of companies and as such we have unprecedented access to some of the world’s leading healthcare veterans. This access allows us to leverage the deep health care industry experience of AVP for the benefit of our clients.

Paul Dain

President and Chief Experience Officer

Paul brings over 20 years of experience design and technology innovation expertise to Aha!. Over the course of his career, Paul has worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands across a wide variety of industries: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive, technology, CPG, QSR, insurance, and retail/commerce. His passion for leading multidisciplinary teams to create award-winning experiences that deliver on fundamental business objectives is what propels him day-to-day (along with several cups of very strong coffee). He has held UX and technology leadership positions with digital agencies including Tribal DDB and Razorfish, and is excited to bring this experience to health systems with Aha!.

Cindy Larson

Executive Director, Experience Delivery

Cindy is a digital program director with 20 years of experience in manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare. With a background in library and information science, she has an innate empathy for users (and their messy content) and a proven ability to lead teams through change to deliver sustainable digital products. Cindy is delighted to bring her passion for continuous improvement and core belief in open access to information to drive improvements in the healthcare experience for all.

Sam Spicer

Senior Director, Experience Design

Sam is a digital experience design professional with almost 20 years of experience in human factors, enterprise experience design, interface design, and more. Since his beginning in front end development through his experience design roles, Sam has always been concerned with how business and user needs are satisfied in the smallest details. His experience has come from work in the retail, automotive, financial services, and healthcare industries with multiple Fortune 100 companies. As a consultant and leader, Sam excels at fostering empathy not only for the end users but for the needs and drivers of his clients and his own design team. His skills have resulted in multiple awards and leadership roles that only serve to make him want to do more and to do it better. Sam is excited to bring his experience, curiosity, and passion to help make healthcare better for everyone.

Tim Janczewski

Senior Director, Technology

Tim is Senior Director, Technology for Aha!. He is a digital technology leader with over 20 years of experience with a comprehensive skill set bridging technical, creative and project management. Tim is an expert in managing full software development lifecycles in both traditional waterfall and Agile methodologies and has managed global digital initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Tim's background is derived from a design/UX foundation which he leverages across projects he’s lead and architected. Prior to Aha! Tim held technology leadership roles at Critical Mass and R/GA where he lead multi-developer teams working with Pepsi, McKinsey & Company, Nike, and Volvo.

Ty Martin

Senior Director of Acquisition and Connections

Ty is an award-winning digital marketing strategist and analytics leader who has driven performance growth for companies ranging from Charles Schwab and PetSmart to Cancer Treatment Centers of America and BlueCross BlueShield. While leading cross-channel media strategy for iCrossing, he was instrumental in gaining recognition by Forrester Research as a Leading U.S. Search Marketing Agency and by Ad Age as the #1 Largest U.S. Search Marketing Agency. His technology innovations include SearchAi, the first agency solution to pair DMP audience data with AdWords search data, and Ad Bacon, a unique competitive insights platform built for digital marketers. In his role as head of Aha!'s Performance Media & Analytics team, Ty oversees the orchestration of performance marketing channels and analytics to drive patient engagement.

Tom Hack

Chief Financial Officer

Tom is a highly accomplished finance executive with over 15 years of financial and accounting experience within both start-ups and large multinational marketing and communications companies. Tom is a Certified Public Accountant with the proven ability to improve operations and maximize profits through business growth, internal control implementation, financial strategy and efficiency improvements. As CFO, Tom manages the financial position of the company, overseeing all financial transactions as well as planning growth and profitability.

Our Advisors

Andrew Swinand

CEO Leo Burnett / Co-Founder Abundant Venture Partners

Eric Langshur

Co-Founder Abundant Venture Partners / CEO AVIA

Amy Dirks Stevens

EVP, Provider Solutions, AVIA