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The best for the most for the least.

A patient’s relationship with their healthcare is intimate and without secrets. It is, literally, a hands-on affair. For this relationship to be successful, trust on both sides is mandatory. Good relationships mean consumers live healthier and happier lives. But they often don’t blossom the way they should.

With the proliferation of channels for making appointments, asking questions, and virtual care of ever-increasing types, consumers can feel lost within these massive,  siloed institutions. Critical information is often provided without context, inducing unnecessary stress and worry.

At aha!, we bring understanding, simplicity, and empathy to healthcare.


Aha Hero

We know what the future can and should look like – we have designed an agency to get you there, with the expertise and services necessary to bring it to life. It’s an optimistic vision for the future. We can make the future a reality with a belief in ideas along with the drive and enthusiasm to make them happen. Ideas that reduce friction and increase connection between patients and providers. 

Our digital services are partnered with some of the most exciting innovators in the digital marketing space. With these partnerships, aha! is bolstered to address opportunities and pain points across the health sector's digital ecosystem.

  • DXP Design & Integration: No limitations.
    aha! partners with some of the largest vendors in the DXP space, so whatever is imagined can become a reality.

  • Consumer Strategy and Acquisition: Know your patients.
    With aha!'s strong background in retail advertising and our partnerships, we provide state-of-the-art digital marketing through qualitative customer research, machine learning (AI), consumer engagement and real-time insights, and brass-tacks analytics and analysis.

  • Health Experience Innovation: The wow! factor.
    Imagine if your patients could simply ask a virtual assistant for a diagnosis, answer a few symptom-related questions, receive a likely diagnosis, and schedule a telemedical or in-office appointment all while fixing breakfast. Through Voicify, it can be a reality.

Our suite of services is enviable, but what truly sets aha! apart is this. We empower our clients’ internal teams to sustain and optimize the ecosystem on their own — after our work is done. We set you up to succeed, not just in the months after implementation, but for the long term.