Abundant Health Acquisition

Creating a smarter digital front door to better healthcare.

The Healthcare Experience Company

aha! connector products help healthcare systems deliver powerful retail experiences for consumers and patients and optimize operational efficiency for digital marketing.

Our suite of connectors:

  • Integrates easily with Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) and Content Management Systems (CMS) technology solutions
  • Removes information silos, empowering marketers to seamlessly leverage content strategically across websites and mobile apps
  • Scales to grow with your evolving internal needs and customer experience roadmap

As a unified Health Experience Platform (HXP) solution, our connectors enable retail experiences in healthcare that maximize the value of DXP/CMS technology investments.

Our Products & Services

Our products and services provide simplicity and ease-of-use with a focus on deepening the connection between patients and providers.

Health Experience Platform (HXP)

Low- or no-code solution for healthcare systems to attract, engage, and convert consumers into patients.

Platform Design and Integration

Enterprise web, app, and portal design and development for healthcare organizations.

Health Experience Innovation

Exploring new territory in consumer and patient engagement.

Modernization = Better Care

A modern digital ecosystem in a health enterprise isn’t a trivial convenience—the outcomes can elevate and transform the quality of care you provide.

  • Creates simplicity
  • Clarifies pathways
  • Increases provider availability
  • Generates loyalty
  • Improves revenues
  • Removes complexity
  • Promotes integrated care
  • Increases transparency
  • Improves care
  • Shares knowledge/data
  • Increases patient trust

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