What We Do

Powering Unified Healthcare Experiences

Healthcare is undergoing a consumer-driven digital disruption, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the current environment has many challenges, now is the time to find new efficiencies that leverage your current systems to deliver unified, results-driven customer experiences.

aha! creates data connectors that deliver powerful retail experiences for consumers and patients while optimizing operational efficiency for digital marketing. 

Our connector suite builds on your existing Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) and Content Management Systems (CMS) technology solutions to create single Health Experience Platform (HXP) that effectively streamlines marketing efforts across your content ecosystem. 


Our Products & Services

Our products and services provide simplicity and ease-of-use with a focus on deepening the connection between patients and providers.

Health Experience Platform (HXP)

Low- or no-code solution for healthcare systems to attract, engage, and convert consumers into patients.

Platform Design and Integration

Enterprise web, app, and portal design and development for healthcare organizations.

Health Experience Innovation

Exploring new territory in consumer and patient engagement.

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