What We Do

Provider Data Connector

  • Open connections to providers in more places
  • Reduce steps when booking an online appointment with a provider/service
  • Place providers with contextually relevant content by specialty, location, and availability
  • Easy to implement, easy to maintain

The Provider Data Connector increases provider access and accelerates appointment conversion for healthcare systems. It makes provider data more flexible, empowering internal content managers to use it strategically across their content ecosystems.

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  • Access and leverage provider data safely without developer intervention
  • Incorporate providers directly into patient education content with drop-and-drag components
  • Personalize provider listings based geography, click path, or campaign rules
  • Curate provider displayed based on business rules and requirements
  • Easily manage A/B and multivariate testing to¬†optimize conversions
  • Synchronize data through scheduled or ad-hoc updates (selected or all provider records)
  • Track key actions (providers added, updated, and removed) through event reporting

aha! understands the unique privacy and security needs of healthcare systems and built our Connector to ensure data integrity.

  • No Protected Health Information (PHI) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored by the Connector
  • Browser or user-entered geolocation data is collected on an opt-in basis, but is not stored or retained by the Connector
  • No server-side storage of user data
  • All transmitted data is encrypted

Development Benefits and Technical Specs

  • Our modular architecture allows for ease of integration for both existing websites or platform migrations
  • Implement quickly—delivered as a Sitecore installer
  • Adds value to Kyruus or other provider directory subscription
  • Product is continually maintained and supported
  • aha! is a Sitecore Technology Alliance Partner
  • Integrates Kyruus API v9 with Sitecore 9.2 and above
  • Data driven through real-time API integration, Sitecore imported items, or a hybrid approach
  • Compatible with Content Hub, Media Library, and Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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