Consumer Acquisition and Patient Loyalty

From consumer acquisition to patient loyalty, understanding every touchpoint's connection in the digital "journey" of your health enterprise can positively impact your business.

aha! helps define that overall journey or help in specific areas of the customer cycle, including:

  • Marketing Campaign Development
  • Consumer Journey Definition and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
  • Paid Media Strategy and Buying

We leverage modern marketing channels where today’s high-margin customers live: search, mobile, social media, streaming portals, and other digital channels.

With more choices for healthcare arriving in the market every year, highlighting differentiation is essential. aha! crafts strategic, personal, and highly effective campaigns to reach the right people.

Most of our digital health journeys begin with a search. aha! is skilled at engineering content on web properties to maximize organic ranking or creating effective pay-per-click (PPC) search marketing campaigns.

Wherever you are in the process—getting started, modernizing an outdated platform, or getting the most out of your current investment—aha! is ready to help. We can quickly and cost-effectively assess the current state of your customer-facing system.