Recently aha! partnered with Memorial Hermann Health System, one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in Southeast Texas, to improve its consumer acquisition efforts, resulting in a 175% higher appointment volume, a 38% decrease in cost per acquisition, and much more.

While the results from our consumer acquisition work with Memorial Hermann are quite strong, they are not atypical and we’ve delivered similar outcomes across all three of our core service offerings (i.e., Platform Design and Integration, Consumer Acquisition and Patient Loyalty, and Health Experience Innovation).

How? By combining three essential ingredients:

  1. Expert Knowledge and Solid Point of View, and Proven Approach
  2. Professional Grade Tools, with the Expertise to Utilize Them
  3. A Different Vantage Point

Expert Knowledge (a solid POV paired with a proven approach)

Let’s look at the Memorial Hermann consumer acquisition work as an example again. The client was doing many things right, but the organization knew it could do better. As Memorial Hermann had expanded its digital marketing reach, its paid search performance began to plateau, and its return on ad spend (ROAS) declined.

This is a common client challenge and aha! has a systematic, proven approach to address it. We got to work taking a deeper look at how the company was structuring its Google Ads account, just like an accountant getting a snapshot of your financial picture or a personal trainer understanding your vitals and current health regimen.

For example, we did a detailed audit of how the entire account structure aligned with the consumer journey, ranging from on-site content analysis to keyword research. As part of that process, we identified ways to update Memorial Hermann’s digital content – including its keyword bids, ad copy, and landing pages -- to match the evolving ways consumers search.

Professional Grade Tools (and the craftsmanship to utilize them)

In addition to expert knowledge, a specialist such as aha! also leverages professional grade tools that further amplify their impact. For example, on a health experience innovation project our team collaborated on with Rush to unify their convenient care brand (Rush On Demand), we leveraged Remesh to generate qualitative insights at quantitative scale. Remesh’s ability to have live conversations with audiences at scale as well as utilize AI to analyze and organize all of the responses in real-time proved invaluable.

And the results, which we achieved in record time, speak for themselves:

  1. 73% agreed it was “easier to use than expected.”
  2. 75% felt it was “something I would love to have and use.”
  3. 87% felt like it was “easy access to health care at home.”

There are also foundational tools / platforms that typically require a capital expense from a health system to procure as well as knowledgeable integrators such as aha! to deploy. A good example of this is a digital experience platform (DXP) such as Sitecore. In addition to the paid media and consumer acquisition work we do for Memorial Hermann, aha! has also helped that health system deploy a complete website redesign.

The benefits to both consumers (end-users) and Memorial Hermann’s business of our team of experts implementing Sitecore’s enterprise-grade website platform clear:

Reduced bounce rate

  1. 2.5 min increase in time spent on pages
  2. 23% decrease in abandoned page sessions
  3. A 2 click improvement in content discovery
  4. Customized experiences for various patient segments leveraging Sitecore’s personalization engine

In addition to these top-line benefits, there’s also the fact that increased efficiency in terms of a single, multichannel code-base combined with a consistent publishing workflow is helping contribute to the client’s bottom line.

A Different Vantage Point (to achieve a breakthrough)

Third-party agencies inherently view things from another perspective than internal team members, and this different vantage point often proves to be quite valuable. It enables the SMEs to more easily “work on the business” instead of just “working in the business.” Combining this vantage point with the depth of knowledge coming from internal stakeholders that are in the business often provides the catalyst for innovation and break through ideas. For example, in a recent project with our Memorial Hermann client, we were able to connect the dots between a campaign the marketing team was working on for bariatric surgery with the enhanced personalization capabilities we had enabled in the DXP.

In addition to the value a fresh POV can have on a particular assignment, there’s also the benefit of a multi-client vantage that agencies provide. The ability to see and draw upon patterns that emerge across clients, sometimes even across industries can be incredibly powerful.

Are You Leaving Value on the Table?

The opportunity for healthcare systems is clear: investing in the right external partner will yield benefits that deliver disproportionate value to the organization. To determine whether aha! can help unlock value within your organization, Contact Us now to begin the conversation.